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A term used to describe how much of a dick, prick, asshole with the insides that when released could clear out a whole work space. Usually the person accused of acting like an alward can constructively and verbally tear a person down to the point of total loss of self worth, resulting in the person targeted by the alward to drive themselves into total confusion, second guessing themselves, and even sometimes crying themselves to sleep.
Gaston....GASTON! I will give you some good news Tina. Now that you took your head out of your ass and decided to see the light guess who found out the solution to the problem we have been having since you and the old man touched the computer. That's right Me...I mean my god molly sue I don't know where you were when they where handing out common sense. Maybe you where standing in the mirror trying to find out what thong made your ass just look sexy or maybe your where riding down the street thinking of your favorite boy band that gets your heart to flutter every your hear there voice, but one thing is certain you ended up at the dumb ass store and put as much of that as you can in a cart and called it a day.

You know what your acting like a total Alward.
by Timmy long lance November 10, 2007
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