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Less-common but equally-loving gestures to express warm feelings for someone, such as a leg-hug or giving him a back-rub wif yer soles and/or scratching his back wif yer toe-nails.
A few other somewhat-loopy but totally-satisfying alternative affection gestures would be an over-da-shoulder high-five (where ya both stand wif your backs together and reach yer hands back over yer shoulders to slap palms wif each other), toe-hugs (where ya flex yer toes downwards to hug da other person's toes), and toe-hugging his pinkie by nestling his finger underneath yer toes and then curling yer toes tightly around his finger. These latter two gestures are especially heavenly for a dude wif a foot-fetish, and will often produce a massive hard-on that you can then either blow or "ride" immediately.
by QuacksO August 04, 2018
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