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Altadena is a small town north of Pasadena, in the Los Angeles area, right at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. It is known for being very diverse in regards to ethnicities and social/financial households.

Often referred to as "The Dena", Altadena is has been known to attract teenage partying and fun, not to mention quite a bit of marijuana use. Altadena also attracts teenagers from 'boring' areas or suburbs around Los Angeles (such as La Canada, etc.). Altadena is host to a few girls and boys foster homes and half-way houses, and is quite even in population between young people and elderly.

Gravity Hill is located in a "secret" location in Altadena, and Farnsworth Park is a notable landmark for partying, making out, pick-up baseball/basketball/football/soccer games, little league, picnics, and concerts.

Although Altadena has been host to a few gangs, violence is minimal, if there is violence at all. In fact, most violence goes down in Pasadena.

All in all, Altadena is the place to be for a naturally good time. No raves or anything, just good people and cool places to be.
Dude, I'm spending the weekend in Altadena. That place is the shit.
by Dena Dame May 12, 2011
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