Instead of saying "hello" or "hi" anymore, some socially hip people decided to use "Alright?"accompanied by the famous 'sup?' nod as a way of communicating to lesser mortals.

Some people think that when someone says "Alright?" to them, they should respond with how they are. Do not do this. You will be exposed as an uneducated idiot,
Samantha, while listening to some band I've never heard of and reading the works of Ismail Kadare and drinking Starbucks: "Alright?"
Me: Um, I'm fine thanks.
Samantha:*rolls eyes*
Me: *dies in a hole all alone with no friends*
by Fighting Fit April 23, 2011
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1.Originally coming from Family Guy's Glen Quagmire, this word is used to show that one is sexually exited.
2.When you see some one that you think is sexy, you might say alright!
(attractive woman walks into room)

by Mickey D June 16, 2006
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A word said to the person who recently insulted you when you cannot think of a comeback. Popular among friends joking with each other. However when used in this way, it needs to be said with different annuciation, (aww right) but together in one word
Drew: Ok Nathan atleast ive actually gotten head
Nathan: Ok well sorry im not failing four classes
Drew: Alright Nathan
by ZΓΈmby April 21, 2011
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the retard's way for saying all rright. this is not proper english. alright is not a word. see all right
by evan March 25, 2005
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