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I'll fuck you. Only know the meaning if you say it out loud. Used to get past filters and to be smart.
Hey ma'am can you give this to your daughter:

Hey Nicole,
see you later
by AlphaQ January 07, 2006
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A teen sexting code, means "I'll fuck you." Usually used by middle schoolers to avoid getting caught by their parents.
Marty: Hey Maureen, alpha q baby ;)

Maureen: Oh yeah big boy ill give u extra credit ;)
by Joshi Boogychang March 14, 2015
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The only transformers action figure that dosen't transform. A 24$ colored piece of plasric from walmart thats based on a guy from transformers armada.

Very easy to transform though, just pick it up and do nothing and its already in it's alternate mode: floating alpha q.
Jimmothy: Im gonna buy this transformer cause it looks cool.

Mulder: Dont buy that Jimmothy! It says on the box that it's a transformer but it dosent actually transform! The FBI is looking into the manufacturer of the toy, hasbro, as 15 children just like you have died of boredom and dissaointment when they realised that they spend their birthday money on a transformer that dosent transform!

Jimmothy: Im still gonna buy it.

*A week later*

Funeral Man: And those were the last words that little jimmothy spoke before he died of boredom because of that little plastic not a transformer, Alpha Q.
by Awew July 09, 2018
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