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A cross between both groups, in which an individual shares traits from both groups. A person within this category might have been born as one but crossed into the other, while maintaining traits of the previous.

An Alpha-Beta is mostly a leader, but can take on the role as follower if needed. He is intelligent, Artistic, but also Athletic, and Good Looking. He may be a player or stick to long term relationships, with very beautiful women. The characterisitcs of Alpha make him have higher fisical prowess, and rle with authority. But as a Beta he is more intelligent, and refined. The combination allows for the individual to adapt easily to particular situations.

The Alpha-Beta is created from a new generation of social and cultural influences, that are constantly changing, and thus require new types of classes to thrive within it.
Bruce Wayne was born as an Alpha, through his wealth and political status, but after his many hardships, he had to learn to take on the role as a beta, Eventually he returned to Gotham as an Alpha-Beta Male
by Power564 January 14, 2014
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