Parody of "Allahu Ackbar" or "God is great", an exclamation used by surviving perpetrators of Islam-related violence. Used to mock Islamists, political Islam, politically-correct defenses of Islam and Islam-related violence.
Generally used as a simple exclamation to mock and show contempt for Islam and Islamo-fruitcake perpetrators of Islam-related violence, as in "Aloha snackbar! Bacon!". (Note: Use on commercial aircraft is treated as a felony by the FBI.)
by Sal the Maniac September 11, 2013
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words that should never be said on a plane if you happen to be arab even if you are from Hawaii
"bruh my cousin was arrested on his way to Hawaii"
"what did he say"
"aloha snackbar"
by bransonhilton March 16, 2017
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