1. (Noun) A small, spunky, sprite of a female with decent fashion sense and an excellent singing voice. she is a true friend and a comfort when you need her, but if you cross her, she will punish you. Fascinating and coquettish, a cross between a dangerous liason and a church librarian, you will never be bored in her presence.

2. (Adj.) Allisa- All encompassing. Of contradicting, or various perspectives. (ALL-IS-A)= all is of a whole.
1. "I can't get that honey-voiced, cruel-mouthed Allisa off my mind. I wonder if she is a vampire?"

2. "That person has an Allisa kind of mind.. (S)he contains multitudes.
by doc hostile February 7, 2010
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Amazingly beautiful, has an absolutely insane laugh, very intellegent, loves bright colors, loves the smell of rain, loves roses, has gorgeous eyes that mezmerize you, lots of fun to be around. Usually shy, but when she warms up shes the life of the party. Has a tendency of having a very attractive boyfriend. Loves to run, very tan, has a summer birthday, and hates the cold. Lastly wants to go tour Europe in a motorhome with her man.
That girl has such a hot boyfriend" "Ya she's such an Allisa.
by Gerber Daisy March 16, 2011
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Very short , has back problems but can be a freak in the bed
by Rocky Sampson October 30, 2019
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She is a beautiful girl and sweet but if you get on her bad side it’s not good. She will roast and roast you and you won’t like it. She has this lovely boyfriend that is super sweet to her and kind and would do anything in the world to help. But she has this crew that will stick with her and roast with her to if they have enimies they will roast you
This is Allisa Violet, my girlfriend. Allisa violet I would like you to meet my brother Dave.
by Jaelyn Kotek December 12, 2017
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