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A beautiful teenage girl who loves two things:
Animals and Grant
Her name is often misspelled:Allybanaka

By dummy’s like Stella. Alliahna is a loveable human. She’s also likely a crackhead, but that doesn’t matter to you once you get to know her awesome side
by Roseychick June 14, 2018
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Alliahna is a beautiful, fun and LOUD girl! She is an artist and loves watercolor. She owns a lot of bunny’s, she loves animals. She is kinda obsessed with vine. Her name is often mispelled: Allybanaka by dimwits like Stella...Alliahna typically calls people “child” and pats their head. She has great style and her highlighter is always looking good! She is in love with GRANT! When you look up her name on Urban Dictionary it doesn’t show up with this I made this just for her😁
Look at that girl. She’s a total alliahna. That means she’s gotta bold personality. She must be awesome
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by Roseychick June 15, 2018
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