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Alixia is a beautiful girl. When you see her you wish you were her. She’s is smart, beautiful, strong but she is also crazy and weird. She does dumb things that get her into trouble. She acts like a hoe but she’s is really a nice girl.
I wish I were an Alixia
by Boguschicken January 15, 2018
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Alixia is a legend and I love her sm, apart from when she NICKS MA MAN, Blake Richardson
Oh my god, she’s funny as, who is it?”
My mate, Alixia!”
by conorblakejonah September 30, 2018
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she is a ginger carrot top who stinks like clapped out fish and looks like an albino with no eyebrows shes a little bitchy rat and will get a 1,2 straight to her clapped dried out noodle hair,she plays everyone and then dumps then the next day cause she thinks she is peng when she looks like ratatouille
"shes rah clapped yuno"

"she must be an alixia"
by psychic1988 July 07, 2018
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