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Alison is a beautiful person with good intentions and kind spirit ! Often, many see her and judge quickly on her outer appearance. Her physical appearance is so attractive that often times, those who do not know her will often hate her out of the emotion of fear. People fear those as attractive as an Alison because her reactions have great impact on them. when they do not receive a reaction they want/expected, the response emotion is anger/fear. Alison, impressively, is not phased by those who hate her. Her emotional intelligence is far too high to be altered in any way by the foolish who attempt to bring her self esteem down. She is a very emotion driven person which works to her favor, as she has a great interpersonal understanding of her own emotions as well as the emotions of those around her ! She has obtained these powerful traits through instinct, past experiences, and great intellectual genetics. She's faced much adversity in life, but that wont stop her from pursuing the happiness she knows she deserves. That same adversity has helped her grow ahead of her time in certain knowledge and understanding ! its often true that great struggle can create great strength. If you've ever hurt an alison, be sure to make amends and apologize for your wrong doings !! Alisons deserve to be built up and loved. if you havent told an alison you love and care for her recently, make sure to do so today !
Person 1: Wow, that person has a high emotional intelligence ! is that an Alison Varney by chance ?

Person 2 : damn skippy, sport

Person 1: Thanks for clarifying, champ
by gregory_fergusonville January 03, 2017
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