The definition of beauty. To be a perfect 10. Synonymous with dime piece. The level of Alishia is nearly unattainable.
That girl is a total Alishia! (Most likely false.)
You are an 8 on the scale of 1 to Alishia (10).
Man, I wish I could find me an Alishia.
by Zach Lovegrove April 24, 2008
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Where sluts called Alishia go on a Friday afternoon. Some Alishias go on Wednesday as well if they are feeling frisky. Dress code for badminton is: 'slutty goes far in life'. The motto for Alishias badminton slut club as said by Alishia A herself "the sluttier the better".
Girl UL: Alishia can I come to the badminton slut club??
Alishia the badminton slut(president of club): yeah sure you can - we can make anyone into a slut within a matter of a few sessions
by Alishia is a slut November 23, 2013
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