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An individual who returns to their life on Earth after being kidnapped by extra-terrestrials.
"No one believes me when I tell them that I am an alien abduction survivor. I was taken by aliens for a whole week about 5 years ago...I don't remember much, its all a blur..."
by yes juanito yes February 16, 2012
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One who returns to ordinary, day-to-day life after being kidnapped by aliens. Rarely does the individual have no memory or full memory of the event. In most cases, there are partial or unrecovered memories. Particularly eerie if the subject is nonchalant about it.
"I guess you can call me an Alien Abduction Survivor. It was a rough weekend after being kidnapped by aliens. I don't remember much. Let's get back to that project from last week."
by yes juanito yes January 27, 2012
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