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A winged unicorn. A combonation of a unicorn and a pegasus. Sometimes known as a unipeg.
"The alicorn flew overhead, its horn prominent on its head, shining in the sunlight."
by Rose-Pose January 18, 2006
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An Alicorn is a winged Unicorn.

Mostly said by bronies.

Another word for Alicorn is Pegacorn.
Princess Luna is an alicorn also Princess Celestia is an alicorn.
by 20%Brony December 04, 2011
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A unicorn with wings , often confused with the word pegasus or just referred to as a normal unicorn(which it is not!). And, FYI, THEY ARE 100% REAL !!!

Bob: Did you see that alicorn costume? The wings were totally lit!

Joe: I know, right?! The horn just makes it that much more majestic, too!
by Roxyyy March 12, 2019
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Alicorn is our lord and saviour. He consists out of the four holy parts: the Corn, the Cone, the Wings and Ali Bouali's face. He died for our hunger for popcorn. He sacrificed himself so we could live in a world with popcorn.
Ignorant person: "Who's Alicorn?"
Alicorn Worshipper: "OMG YOU DON'T KNOW? He is our saviour... Much like Jesus only far more powerful"
by lelamiku October 27, 2015
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1. One step up from a Unicorn, everything you ever wanted, so perfect and rare you'd be willing to be with them with a number of other people!

2. Someone with such an inner beauty that they would be considered an Unicorn even though they might not look so attractive on the outside.

3. A God/Goddess of love so perfect its unfathomable!"
1. "He/She is so perfect I wouldn't care if he/she had multiple spouses I'd love to be one of them! He's/She's above a Unicorn she's my Alicorn!"

2. "What do you mean he/she is your unicorn?"

"I know he/ she dosen't look that good but If you knew him/her you'd understand! He's/She's more of an Alicorn to me!"

3. "God Jesus died for me, when He didn't have to, to get me out of the inevitable, to be tortured forever, because He'd rather suffer than live without me for all eternity!!!!!!! Wow!!! He's an Alicorn the epitome of love!"
by :}{: April 21, 2017
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1) A god like horse that has both wings and a horn thus making the body of an alicorn similar to a pegasus. Unfortunately when an alicorn appears it may be followed with impending doom or disaster.
In the Byzantine Empire, people believed to see an Alicorn in Constantinople weeks before the Ottoman siege of the city which lead to the destruction of the Byzantium.
by DOGOBOB September 02, 2020
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