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Character name of one of the most well- known top ranking mages on World of Warcraft. Known as being the trailblazer for female DPS players by breaking barriers and gender norma. Was a former sponsored core-member of several top ranked US guilds raiding guilds. Also, well known for her PvP and arena skills. Peaking at her highest rating of 2679 in the 3's bracket. Writer of mage guides for & Her guides were focused around Fire PvE play and Frost Arena/PvP. She had a very large following in which lead to her sponsorship with steeleseries in 2009-2012. Most famously know for being the only female in mage class in the US to get top 10 world DPS records on every single boss in the game during her reign, most being number 1 parses nationally among all mages in the US. She is no longer playing, it appears... but she was a legacy in the World of Warcraft world for many years. It's unclear if she is permanently retired.
Alicella was the most well known female player at the mage class in World of Warcraft.
by MMO_junkie December 19, 2016
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