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Algo-toxin. From algos, pain. The forbidden poison whose sole function is to cause pain and death. Algotoxin has no beneficial properties whatsoever. The pain cannot be alleviated in the least by any known means. Even rendering the victim unconscious does not dull the terrible pain. Victims may tear out their own eyeballs, their veins and nerves, or bite the flesh from the bones of their limbs before finally expiring. The mechanism of death, and the lethal dose, will never be established. The pain is so atrocious, so unremitting, that all victims end their lives with their own hands at the soonest instead of letting the poison run its course.
Algotoxin: Is, so far, by the mercy of Fate, a fiction.

- "Brightness Falls From The Air"
by Xwolfpawn July 12, 2011
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