Aleza is a name which means powerful and determined. She's very loud and gets along with everyone. Aleza gets all the boys and most girls are jealous of her. If you're on her bad side, watch out cause she'll kick your ass!! She is bold, independent, and she is a natural leader. Aleza is giving, brave and bold.
Oh my god she's perfect!
Her name must be Aleza.
by sillysasha2310 January 21, 2018
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cute nice little kawaii anime girl she funny and honest and she don’t need no man period
aleza my duck quack


aleza ily
by knulla January 12, 2021
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She is very sweet never lets you down and always there to have your back even

If times get bad she won’t give up and she’ll help you get through tuff times.
She has a sweet smile and likes the color red. She is very athletic and love to play basketball with guys
Man alezae is so hot and plus she likes basketball and I like basketball.

No way wow that’s very impressive
by Issac8574 November 10, 2017
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Alezae is a sweet name she will be there for you but at the end she back stabs you and never talks to you again and ruins everything for you
Man i really thought alezae was my friend

But she just back stabbed me and stepped all over me like a pile of dirt

It’s ok I’ll be here for you never trust alezae with anything or anything cuz she just ruin it for you.
by Issac8574 November 7, 2017
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