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Beautiful,stunning,amazing,outgoing all around the best person you can have in your life. An absolute perfect person in every way possible. If you find one keep it close and never let her go.
Alexzandra is so perfect in every way it's ridiculous im never letting this one go.
by Dayshf June 18, 2015
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Alexzandra is optimistic, caring: when she wants to be. She has a starstruck sense of wonder. A vacant sense of responsibility. And a blatent disregard for her own innovation and creativity. Tomboyish charm.

Shes a ghetto hippy.

Anyone that comes across an Alexzandra should hold on tight cause its a fuckin rollercoaster.
"Wow that ride sure was an alexzandra"

"Hey Maaaaa' ,Alexzandra left her kid in the kitchen again" *said in southern dialect*
by Anonymous_da65 June 21, 2018
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