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Someone who is an amazing, beautiful, intelligent person. When told any attributes that are compliments of them they deny it and shun you for suggesting such a word.
"That girl right there, Alexana.. She's the best."
"She's such an Alexana, she hates herself but doesn't realize how awesome she is.."
by Swagasauras October 09, 2013
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Someone who probably won’t use this name until they are adults because people always mispronounce it or because it seems like it doesn’t “fit” you at a young age.

Although overall this person is very unique and special because who else could pull off a name like this.
Substitute Teacher: Al-al-al.... um Alexsana or Alexandra or...

Girl who looks annoyed because she’s had to deal with this all her life: I’m here, it’s Alexana
by JankyQueen June 17, 2018
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