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Is a pretty average guy, but his sock game will drop panties faster that the U.S dropped bombs on Japan.
WOW! Did you see Alex Owens socks? I had to pick up my panties, they were so incredible!!
by snewo xela July 31, 2016
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Alex Owen is a fuckboy. When a girl dates him it's very common for them to get stuck in what is known as The Alex Cycle, The Alex Cycle is when a girl decides to go out with him, breaks up with him, gets back together, breaks up and so on and so fourth. Now there is certain times when he may be funny, but girls don't let him fool you! Its better to stay friends than get stuck in The Alex Cycle.
Girl 1: Yeah, I dated Alex Owen...7 times.
Girl 2: You got stuck in The Alex Cycle. Shit.
by idkwutevenomfghi June 21, 2016
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