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Description: Mysterious, Quiet,
Virtues: Acceptance, Commitment, Discipline, Foresight, Honesty, Honour, Hospitality, Humility, Independence, Integrity, Intuition Morality, Modesty, Obedience, Patience, Respectfulness, Responsibility, Trustfulness, Truthfulness
This personality this is one of a kind persona, an oddity in this mundane world, if not an in explicably intriguing character. To the onlooker Alethea is a quite subdued individual whose character revolves around a shy yet steadfast nature. Such character derived in a loyalty and rooted in trust grows upon one reaching out in a whisper transmuting into a deep admiration. To the exuberant and animated she is inconspicuous, imperceptible, and invisible. As if no more than a premonition to the supercilious, yet to the keen, she becomes a work of genius unlike any other. Permeated with wisdom and infected with kindness she guides and strengthens those around her.
In the absence a throng, she dispels the cloak releasing a creative and exuberant character vivacious and thirsty for life. In this she is no longer tranquil and subdued, but alive, full of an insatiable and unquenchable desire for life. This powerful craving brings out a random and indescribable occurrence, transforming a quiet heart to an innocent and playful, but vivid and active one. This freedom found only by herself and with her closest friends is invigorating. Such energy brings back the innocents of childhood infectious joy.
by Darcy Bundy October 28, 2008
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The petty girl who wont take you shit but is beutiful.
Alethea is a bad bitch
by 6789999222 March 29, 2017
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A crazy girl with a bit of friends and is a nerd 🤓.
Alethea is a geeky girl who likes books
by BANGTAN FOR LYFE AL July 06, 2018
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