Adj. Drunk, intoxicated by alcohol, usually beer (ale). British in origin, mainly used by elderlies.
"Bloody hell there Jack, you're all aled up aren't ya mate. Go on there, go take a piss!"
by Alex Quantashassle February 12, 2005
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Noun: 1. A musical error made while performing.
Origin: D.C. stands for De Capo, which translates to "From Head," in which "head" refers to the beginning of the song. D.C. al coda and D.C. al fine are musical terms where you return the beginning of the song and continue playing until either the coda a marker or the end of the song the fine. A DC al fuck up is when you fuck up your performance.
Usage: This term is best used to make note of your own error while creating the illusion that you know what you're doing.
Man, I didn't miss a note till that D.C. Al Fuck Up.
by MK April 25, 2005
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