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After a night of drinking disgustingly cheap and rubbish alcopops, and various other mixtures of alcoholic drinks. The runny poo that follows in the morning. See also, Beeriod.
"Georgie, get out of the toilet I have to release some alco-plops"

"Mum get a towel I just shit my bed"
by Mike Raphael April 28, 2007
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The three-phase toley that you drop after a night out on the piss.

Phase 1: Your Dinner - normal shit for the morning.

Phase 2: The beer - quite nasty, but this depends on what you drank.

Phase 3: The Beer Munchies - the remnants of that Largedonnerwitheverythinganacanabru or undercooked burger that you ate on the way home. This has potential to be the nastiest phase.

NB. Three phases does not equal three visits to the pan, this shit has been known to last until 2pm and need ~45 visits to the pan.
Fraser: You feeling ok dude?
John: No, I'm mid-alcoplop

Stew: You nearly done in there?
John: No, I'm mid-alcoplop

Michael: What's that noise?
Fraser/Stew: John is mid-alcoplop
by The Bag Boy May 17, 2005
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