The sometimes frothy, usually slimy, amalgam of lubricant, stray fecal matter, and ejaculate that leaks out of the receiving partner's anus after a session of anal intercourse.
Rene was covered in Albin after a night of "good shape" intercourse.
by reneslover December 9, 2016
When you helicopter your big black dick to the beat of the songs from Disney classics.
“Is Michael coming to the party?”
“Nah, he can’t make it. There’s a Disney movie marathon on Freeform and he got caught up doing the dirty Albin.”
by J-Meow June 5, 2020
Noun- the act of tricking someone into paying you and then disregarding the deal. Usually applies to online scams and financial transactions.

Term is mainly used in the south-central United States, mostly in the Texas region.
I sent this youtube streamer twenty bucks to play a video of mine and he never did! He really pulled a Thomas Albin on me!
by Captain Deci December 14, 2019
Albin Boat (or Luffare in Swedish, Albustina in Latin (Vit in Swedish)) is a boy that once a year goes out fighting the russian lörkenhaufen demons, Lukas and Palestin, in the woods by the river. If he wouldn't do this every year the demons would get into the human villages and they would start eating all the womans and children. They would take over the minds of the men and they would become zombies only following Lukas and Palestin.

In the woods Albin has put up a spell using pee from one of his late friends. Albin pulls out his sword from the little hair pin he always keeps in his hair. The sword glimmers and it is the only thing that is able to pierce trough Lukas and Palestin. He yearly pierces the demons almost instantly after they come down to earth, but one time he almost lost and humanity was almost over, but somehow he managed to get back up after a big hit and he took them from the back.

He really is a hero that humanity wouldn't survive without.
Person #1: Have you seen to small kids playing around here, one with red wings and the other one with black hornes?
Person #2: Yes, why?
Person #1: YOU NEED TO CALL Albin Boat RIGHT NOW!
Person #2: Okay why?
Person #1: Those kids are Lukas and Palestin!
Person #2: OH NO! We need to run!

Albin Boat managed to save them in time.
by Onegreatstorytellerdude. February 16, 2022
Albin nilsson is a very cool Guy who is very kind. He is a awesome guy if you get to know him.
Hello My friend if you live in Vårgårda you now who Albin nilsson is
by Boooom im cool December 12, 2016
Albin mannen (black man in Swedish) is a great man that can do almost everything! He often uses balloons and like to punch Linus. Albin even squeezed pee out of a mattress after his friend slept on it (the friend was Linus)
Albin is reallly handsome! Said the Turkish man.

I know right!! Answers the British dude

I really like Albin Mannen :)
by MalteWegbrattLover101<3 April 16, 2021