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Pretty but still petty at the same time she has a rbf (resting bitch face) but she always has a smile on her face she'll fight if she has to she will always support her friends and family and she doesn't like Donald Trump.shes a big feminist and she believes everyone is equal.and she lives life to the fullest like there no tomorrow but what people don't see is that shes claustrophobic meaning shes afraid to be in right spaces and she has anxiety and you should ask her about it before you judge her but she wants to thank all of her true friends but they already know who they are and she wants Reanna to know that I thank you for being with me I was having a panic attack because I was overwhelmed but you were still there for me so thank you so much BEST FRANNπŸ’–
by Beth,Bethany December 26, 2017
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