Alania is the type of person who can make you whole day 1000x better , she's very kindhearted, intelligent, gorgeous,funny,brave ,strong,not to mention extremely adorable, she's the type of person that you want to know and keep in your life for a very long time to care for and love ,she's that one person that you can always rely on when you need her the most ,her smile can brighten up any room ,Alania is completely wonderful inside and out
OMG! Alania is so incredibly beautiful! So cute!
by Jeansskjin October 12, 2018
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The best girl ever and sexy as hell she a girl u wold want to turn into wifey
She an alania
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Alania is the sexiest woman to ever walk the earth. She is an amazing young woman that would never let a guy control her and she also has a boyfriend that would go to her school and kick jiimars, Macs, and Zachs ass
You're looking like Alania today
by DaddyPinapple246 June 07, 2018
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Alania is the most beautiful girl in the world but her beauty is not the best thing about her it's her amazing personality and willingness to love and protect the ones she loves she will listen to all your troubles then help you solve them she is absolutely perfect if you have an Alania you better keep her
Alania is so fine she blows my mind
by The.one.the.only November 28, 2018
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