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The Alabama Shotgun occurs when a man removes a wad of chaw (I.e. Red Man, Levi Garrett, Beachnut) from his mouth during sexual intercourse unbeknownst to the woman. He then shoves said chaw up his own anus and bends over expelling all the chaw in his partner's face with a biblical scale fart.
"Murder is illegal so I gave that cheatin'-ass ho the Alabama shotgun instead... She'll never forget me!"
by Duncanlunk2007 January 16, 2014
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When your partner sucks a fart out of your ass then you passionately kiss, inhaling the gas from her lips into your own mouth.
β€œWhen she asked me for an Alabama Shotgun, my heart melted. Lovingly, I ejaculated a fart into her mouth. Soon our eyes locked, and our tongues danced, as I sucked the juicy fart from her mouth.”

-Jesus of Nazareth
by Turdgod January 14, 2017
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