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Al'ameen are the coolest guys on earth,,they appears to be humorous & intelligent.
Al'ameen don't get angry easily & he appears to be the best friend a person could ever have and a girl will be happy to have him as a boyfriend or even a husband....
Al'ameen is also the name given to the holy prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) by the people of Makkah for his trustworthiness.
Al'ameen is the most handsome guy in NTIC college
by Yusuuv July 19, 2018
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A total hottie that every girl would be lucky to be with. A very foreign and exotic name. Al-ameens are so fucking cool too. And they dress cool.
That dude is such a chick magnet. Hes extremely popular. Hes a total Al-ameen.
by Lucasao February 05, 2009
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