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The best girl you'll ever meet. She has a very big heart and is always happy for the most part. She's easy to please and not bitchy like most girls these days. She's also very attractive and good in bed if you know what I mean. She's very tolerable and fun to be around.However don't get on her bad side or else you'll think she's Satan.
I met the the best girl on the planet the other day

What was her name?

by Satanlovesbeer September 02, 2019
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(noun) A person who sits on the front porch and intimidates, says negative things, or otherwise makes things unpleasant for those nearby.
The boys walked past the house of old man Thompson, the neighborhood porch dick, who always assumed they were up to no good.
by bigweaseldaddy March 08, 2015
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Aksana better known as a Offroader, who is a better Offroader then her boyfriend, who is often found doing “A NAZISH” in Liwa. Aksana is also known to be a mix of Lebanese and Russian, mostly follows the path of a vet, bcoz she is a animal lover.
I met Aksana yesterday, who Aksana the Offroading vet.
by Alshiukh March 06, 2020
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