A Nigerian slang to describe a very spoilt or kid from a very rich home. Ajebutter was originally a term used to describe a certain kind of really expensive butter that the average Nigerian could not afford. Can be loosely translated to mean “ bourgeoisie”.
See that babe over there, she’s an ajebutter.
by naijainbkln June 22, 2020
A Nigerian Slang For Spoilt Child From A Very Wealthy Background, Who Would’ve Easily Depended On His Family Wealth But Rather Choose To Hustle Via Legal Or Especially Illegal Ways To Make A Name For His/Herself.
Davido Is An Ajebutter Lori Street Because Despite Coming From One Of The Wealthist Families In Nigeria , Bobo Choose To Enter Street And Start Grinding Non Stop Like A Pepper Seller In The Main Market.
by Obacino January 20, 2022