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my bestest friend and one of the awesomest people you will ever meet :) can be a total bitch sometimes but is hard to get mad at for more than 30 seconds. Is naturally pretty and has a personality that is judged by many people. Can be misunderstood at times but is always pure at heart.
person 1:"so erking that girl!"

person 2: "ahahaha, you just dont know how to take a joke!" person 3: "she must be airleah!"
by ashlovesbunnies November 02, 2010
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One of the coolest person you'll ever meet. Has a dope name and you'll love them to death. though they will tend to tease, harass and make funny of you on a daily basis. it is natural though. also is a little perverted but is innocent at heart.
you are such an airleah!
by mochaoppa August 27, 2010
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