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-a person who not only loves to take it up the ass but makes it his soul purpose in life to get his chocolate factory filled with 13 inch cock
-a fag that never gives but always insist on receiving
-95% percent of all tj tranies are airframers on weekend libo.
-a person who looks up to powerline and wishes he could be like them if only he could give up the cock.
-a person who gets sick to his stomach at the sight of a naked female.
-a person who watched broke back mountain then when out and recreated all the gay sex scenes with fellow airframers
-the san fransico of the airwing, in fact there are more fags in a shop of airframes than in the whole city of san fransico
airframer 1-hey what you do this weekend.
airframer 2-I recrated the gay sex scenes from broke back mountain.
airframer 1-what the fuck you didnt call me
airframer 2-i would of but i know how us fags in airframes only like to take and not recive
by airframes June 27, 2008
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A shop filled with a bunch of lolli gaging fuck sticks that usually bitch and complain because everyone else is responsible for breaking there stuff even though it's there job to fix it. Typically they have an over sized head and think they are better than anyone else and than maintenace control calls them and bursts there balloon like an old man with a lit cigar at an amusment park. Often where the retards of the marine corps go.
Look at Air Frames there still sitting in there shop and were waiting on them to go home
by not air frames August 10, 2009
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