The gnarliest place, where only gnarly people go. People who aren't gnarly enter to someday become gnar.
Person 1: Welcome to Rye Airfield!
Person 2: Greetings! I wish to become gnarly.
Person 1: I might be able to help. That'll be 14 dollars.
by Mill Willer November 4, 2013
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The infamous Day Z location you go to on Chernarus to get military-grade equipment (mainly, weapons)

Because of this, it's one of the easiest places to die and/or get shot since most players try to eventually make their way there.
It's strongly encouraged to circle around the Airfield and enter it from the North since there is more cover, and is a less expected entry point since all spawns are south/south-east of the area (most bandits focus on the southern portion of the field since most n00bs don't know what they're doing.
Instead of taking my usual looting route, i'm thinking about just running straight for the NW Airfield in hopes that i'll get an M-4 before everyone else.
by I'm Rerro December 30, 2014
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