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Ailany is a beautiful girl name. Mostly known for her outgoing confidence and blinding beauty, inside and out. If you need someone to talk to, go to an Ailany.
Wow, did you see Ailany today? She looked so pretty!
by FRYS BEFORE GUYS June 19, 2017
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Ailany is the most beautiful girl you will ever see she is a cutie and a goofy she is a freak in the bed and gets dirty she can get very pissed at you in a second but she’ll get over it in a second if you ever have a chance with an Ailany don’t loose it, she has a stunning body and will lover you all over she won’t show her emotion she can be a bitch but she’ll be cute about it go ahead slap her ass you know you want to
Look at her ass she must be an Ailany
by Emely Salguero July 10, 2018
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