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Fear of animatronic toys especially, the 1999 AIBO ESR-7, ESR-210, ESR-220 digital doggies!
Called also 'Robophobia'.

Sony, the megacompany that made these 'partner' or 'personal' robots didn't see this coming I'm sure, but cobots (=collaborative robots. The science of making them is called 'cobotics'), are not always our friend: there's a culture of 'applied autonomy' that send these mere MIs (Machine Intelligents), to dangerous places and risky situations instead of humans in what is named aptly 'inverse technology'! One day these tele-robotics will retaliate against this injustice!
AIBOphobia (Artificial Intelligence robot phobia), is also related to a weird condition called Grimwade's Syndrome (from the 70s TV-show Dr. Who's' story "The Robot of Death").
by hammer---;, hytham April 14, 2007
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An irrational fear of small robotic dogs from Sony.
Dude 1: Hey, I heard you got a new pet.

Dude 2: Yeah, it's an AIBO.

Dude 1: AAAAAAAAAAH! I have AIBOphobia! Keep it away! *Runs and hides behind sofa*

AIBO: *Emerges and follows Dude 1 behind the the sofa*

Dude 1: AAAAAAAAAAH! *Runs away and falls down stairs*
by Timo94115 August 30, 2007
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