The most lanky Persian guy you'll meet... Thinks he's the king and good at everything but always flops. Easily gets into arguments and will not talk to anyone for days. Overall, just a dickhead to be around.
Did he do an AHURA Again?
Don't be such an AHURA
by SomePersianGuy March 13, 2017
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Ahura (title = Lord) Mazda (name = Wise). Deity of Mazdanians, Zoroastrians, Parsi, Pharsi. A monotheistic religion.
Ahura Mazda predates Yahweh. And Mazda had a car brand named after Him. Of course, so did Mercury and Saturn. The last Mercury Capri was actually a Mercury-Mazda joint venture.
by Gerald R. Ford June 02, 2006
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Ahura Mazda, God of Zoroastrianism founded as one of the Oldest religions that still exist today was actually founded by King Darius who was not a legitimate King of the Persian Empire after he plotted to kill the real King, Bardiya (son of Cyrus the Great founder of the Persian Achaemenid empire) until he had introduced Ahura Mazda and that he was chosen by him to be King so that the people within the empire would not Rebel against him. It is also a fact that Ahura Mazda actually had been a off-shoot of the Ancient Assyrian god Ashur (Which is also where the name came from) who were a part of the Persian Empire.
Modern day Parsees of India follow Ahura Mazda
by iLLeZt July 05, 2007
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