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Kind and loveable she is very cutr and would never want to loose her as a friend.she is a Church person and lives the bible don't mess with her Lsv because she would hate you for the rest of her life
by Gyal likke February 15, 2017
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Ahmani is a very lovable guy, even though everyone says his name is gay. He is depressed but will love you ten times in return if you love him. He is insecure, and sometimes cries himself to sleep because his family says that people who kill themselves over being talked shit about are pussies. He will cry over you if you die because if you love him, he loved you more. Always more. People named Ahmani can might not be able to help you get through shit because of how scared he is. Ahmani can be a dick sometimes but don't worry, because he is most likely depressed and wanting death. He is a furry and will most likely fall in love with canine characters.
Guy: Have you seen Ahmani?
Guy2: Nah, I think he killed himself.
Guy: That's nothing new.
by StopKyleItHurts June 17, 2018
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