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1. Expression used by PA dutch people. Usually followed by the words "naw voonst". Usually used to start a sentence. The emphasis is put on the end, which should sound like someone clearing their throat. No origin or reason for this word, or PA dutchies themselves has been given.

2. Sound made by the mysterious King Friday VIII, of Bethlehem, PA. Mainly used when starting to speak, but also used at random times for no apparent reason. Usually followed by the words "yeah sure" or "admit it, you're a bitch". The pronounciation emphasises the K. Though never confirmed, it is said that the word came about when the King himself had a piece of hamsteak stuck in his throat. Someone asked, are you choking, he responded "ahhk".
1. "Ahhhk naw we're going to go to duh farmers market and buy some Koootztaaaan Ring Bologna and shoe fly pie, naw voonst"

2. "Ahhhk, Blossom is on, time to go beat off."
by Prince Tuesday February 26, 2005
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