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The side-effects of listening to dubstep or any other bass-heavy music for long periods of time. Includes headaches, hungriness ("munchies"), blurred/distorted vision, and (very rarely) occasional vomiting.
Guy1: "Mike seems pretty beat."
Guy2: "Yeah, he just listened to 8 straight hours of dubstep trying to break in his new headphones. I'm pretty sure he's suffering from an afterquake."
by weaksauce8737 December 26, 2011
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An orgasm right after a big one that is not as big but feels so much better more tingly sensation. Like a lesser orgasm right after what you thought was your big one. An orgasm that in most cases, usually a woman would have or experience. Especially women who can control their inner vaginal muscles.
"Wow you gave me such an afterquake, I'm beat." worn out
by moombg7 November 15, 2015
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