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afterdick is the persistence of a sensation of flavor after the stimulating member has passed out of contact with the sensory end organs. The term is particularly used in relation to another dick that has been there before you.
Your friend had sex with said girl. You have sex with the same said girl, now you have had some afterdick. Afterdick only applies when you know the last person she sleep with.
by Handsome Chris November 30, 2006
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The taste or phantom presence of your penis in a girls mouth after a girl has blown you off
John didnt kiss jackie back because of her afterdick
by Squeakerz February 18, 2010
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After Dick is the cuddle period after sex in which the partners spoon. This particular act of cuddling makes the woman feel loved, cared for and or very secure. The woman shows this feeling of love or security by reaching around, grabbing her lover's arm and wrapping it around her. It is often capped off by either intimate talks or sleep.
Damn girl...the dick was good but the After Dick had me going nuts. I blew up his phone like 50 times the next day.
by The OriginalStealth January 31, 2019
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