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A person who appears to have been particularly ravaged by drug use; specifically, methamphetamine (crank) or crack. Specific traits may include missing teeth, open facial sores, disheveled hair, pale complexion, dramatic weight loss, unpredictable behavior, or serious lack of personal hygiene.

Derived from the deterioration of meth addicts documented through their police mugshots ("before and after shots").
Have you seen Dave recently? He's a wreck. I don't know what he's been doing, but he's become an after-shot.
by Flernk June 14, 2007
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When you and your friends return from a night out, and you all proceed to take shots. Usually resulting in blacking out
Tom: You Pete, how was your night man, did you black out?
Pete: Hell Yea man, I was doing good early in the night, but those aftershots killed me.
by Mr.Boi September 05, 2011
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After losing a big fight or a brawl that includes punches the loser will leave then return later and punch the opponent cheaply in the face when he is not suspecting it, usually infront of an audience, usually done just to prove that they are not weak. see fight
After being bashed by the enemy gang, Jake returned and hit one of the members with an aftershot.
by The Intercepter October 28, 2008
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