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An Afrida is one in a million. With her mesmerizing eyes, they are known to attract all the guys to the yard with just one word. She knows all the right words to trap a boy. People who know an Afrida love her and those who don't are missing out. Everyone secretly wishes to be her friend and all the males wish they could have at least a talk with her. When Afrida walks she leaves heads turning and eyes staring. Her outgoing brave personality and dashing looks are something to die for. Naturally flirtatious, an Afrida leaves the boys wondering what will happen next. Many love her, but the heart only beats for one. Afrida's do not settle for anyone. Her reputation is something Afrida's care much about. Weakness doesn't belong in their dictionary. Always looking strong and bold, Afrida tackles anything that comes in her way.
by tuntuntundownforwhat January 14, 2014
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