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affordanihil (ah-fore-dah-null)
Latin origins: "affor" and "nihil" translated "to speak of nothing".

An affordanihil is a pseudo intellectual who either has a complex due to zero academic background or has a number of degrees but is still an idiot. They generally congregate in coffee shops, where the public are forced to listen to their regurgitated ideas and opinions, some of which are blatantly offensive. Most have read philosophical classics like Plato's Republic, however, their skewed sense of self and hubris qualities allow for them to actually believe they are Plato.
Leading sociologists speculate a correlation between English coffeehouses during the 17th and 18th centuries, however research is still in its infancy.
"God! I went to the coffee shop to read my book, but I couldn't even concentrate because of this asshole's affordanihil, mouth-hole blabber! He wouldn't shutup no matter how much I glared at him!"

"He was pretty hot, like I'd probably still fuck him, but he was just such an affordanihil- It turns me off when guys think they're smarter than me"
by trash hog January 30, 2014
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