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the act of taking a peice of shit shirt from aeropostale, then shitting in it while your gay blind friend masturbates onto your face and shoving a banana phone up your ass, then when he has fully jizzed on your face you take the aeropostale shirt (now it looks sumwhat like a shit hammock) and throw it up in the air while you open your mouth like your trying to catch snow flakes on your tongue, then you both make out and play limp biscuit,then you take that stupid douchebag aeropostale shirt and wrap it around both of your heads to make a romantic and smelly bond on your head
guy 1-wow i heard you and tom had an aeropostale shit lick party
guy 2- yep that was the best night of my life!
by killmeihavenolife21 February 25, 2010
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