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A hip, cool, organic globalized version of adventurer, signifying a level of immersion in and commitment to, the adventurers and travelers lifestyle.
'She can drive across the country with the gas tank nearly always empty and only two oranges. She is an adventurista in the extreme!'
by The Mischevious Rabbit August 26, 2009
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Noun. - A sexy, slender, young woman with curves that would make anybodies jaw drop who enjoys outdoor activities, adventure, and romanticism in the Jane Austen fashion (especially in the warm summer weather).
Will: Hey Grace, you're a sexy young woman with the finest behind this side of the Mississippi, hmmm do you enjoy the outdoors and adventure?

Grace: Why thank you William. And yes, in fact I do enjoy adventure and the outdoors, as well as a man who knows how to sweep me off my feet with neo-classical romanticism.

Will: Wow Grace, you sure do sound great! Would you like to be my adventurista, joining me on a fun-filled summer adventure, and perhaps embracing each other under a nice shady tree following?

Grace: Gee willikers! Nothing sounds better!

Will: Perfect! I'll be seeing a lot of you this summer then! :)
by Cudmeister May 18, 2010
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