The dumbest and second most pointless class in school besides Geometry. Judging by this site, ya'll need it. It is another excuse to take a 45 min nap before you have to go to lunch and get bitched at.
Hussy wake up!
oh shit the computer apps teacher is bitchin' again
by Geena Davis May 3, 2005
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A class where about 5 or 6 decent people converge with the scrubby and idiotic morons who had to take this class as a filler. I took it because I thought it would be cool to have Snodgrass as a teacher, but that is definately outweighed by the fuking nasty peeps in the class. Like wordJared Harmonword, wordBuddy Loweword.
God damn i have advanced computer applications class next. I am going to have to bathe when i get home from all the dirty people.
by Vigilante DB October 27, 2003
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