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This is that name that belongs to a wonderful girl who is shy and gets red in the face easy. Gentle hearted, kind, and generous to her friends. She only really opens up around her true friends and being her friend means you are a very special person. Anyone in a relationship with her is a lucky man and should cherish her like life its self. She is super funny, witty, and will connect with you very easily. Doesnt like to make friends because she doesnt need them and is alittle nervous to make some. She feels at times that no ine loves her or that she's ugly but everyone can see her inside and outside beauty. Has the best taste in music. If you know an Adreona, get to know her well because she will be the best person in your life
Adreona walks by
Boy1: daaammnnn look at that fine piece of work
Boy2: thats Adreona bro, shes way too good for you

Her bff: i loove you babe
by ifk th April 20, 2015
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