when you lose your job (are asked to leave) but still get paid, probably because the company might not be able to legally fire you
The guard who caused all the bad publicity for Airport X by temporary leaving his post has been placed on administrative leave while they investigate the situation.
by perhaps23 January 9, 2010
TV: Officer Smith killed 3 niggers, a muslim, and a jew, and raped, killed, ate, and skull fucked a white girl.
He was placed on administrative leave pending further investigation.

Translated: Fucking vacation.
by Blow Me Into Kingdom Cum October 5, 2010
To receive symbolic punishment for your actions without facing any real accountability or repercussions.

See Also: Paid suspension, suspension with pay, qualified immunity
A cop got in trouble for murdering someone in their home. He will definitely just go on administrative leave.
by kenoshabrick March 3, 2021