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a small cute little girl. everyone thinks of her as a prude but she really is more sassy than a black woman.
OMG that girl is such an adaline, she belongs in the ghetto.
by daveycrocket April 25, 2014
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A disgusting piece of matter who thinks she’s edgy but really only makes people want to die with her jokes. She causes everyone close to her to be depressed.

If you plan to be friends with an Adaline, get ready to watch her cry for hours on end about the dumbest shit.

She has dreams that will never come true even thought she thinks they will.

Adaline’s will also never get married because they are terrible people and can’t show love.
Boy #1: Dude, did you see Adaline and her boyfriend?

Boy #2: Yeah, they’re probably going to breakup soon because Adaline is a terrible human that doesn’t even hold his hand.


Girl #1: Do you know why Adaline’s crying?

Girl #2: Probably because she looked at herself in a mirror or maybe thought about my chemical romance.
by TheDuckDoctor February 19, 2018
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