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An ancient artifact believed to be of Aztek origin. Having the artifact in one's possession bestows upon the "Guardian" a 24-hour curse followed by a lifetime of good luck, fortune, and glory. In fear of being cursed myself, the demographics of the artifact will not be described in this article.

It is not an idol of worship, however it carries an ancient unknown magnetic energy that is both positive and negative. This energy not only exists inside the artifact itself, but also within an electronic photograph.

The cursed electronic photo of Adabadabuda was initially distributed by Guardian # 394759373 to his little sister, who mocked Adabadabuda at Ravioli-fest 2015. This curse is minor and non-life threatening. It is a 24-hour curse and limited to short-term minor sickness, forgetfulness, sleep depravation, and a short string of bad luck and clumsyness . After 24 hours, in order to free yourself of the curse, you must send the photo of Adabadabuda to 2-persons of your choosing then delete all evidence of the photo. Once transferred, the newly uncursed will recieve Adabudabuda's positive energy for 1-year. This energy will be in the form of good luck, good health, and unexpected financial gain. Adabadabuda's positive energy has no limitations.

Pronouncation: The faster you can say "Adabadabuda" the closer you will be to pronouncing it correctly.
"Sorry Agnus, I can't leave my house today because I have the 24-hour Adabadabuda Curse. Somebody sent me that damn photo!"

"Hey Agnus, I have zero debt and paid cash for my new car. That Adabadabuda is one cool artifact!"
by OnceTheGuardian October 03, 2015
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